Based in central Glasgow, The Garnethill Centre was founded in 1980 in order to provide a service of counselling and psychotherapy. It is a therapeutic and training centre dedicated to providing a professional service and to promote quality training events in counselling for all who are likely to benefit from these resources. 

People come to the Garnethill Centre for a variety of reasons, sometimes for help with a particular life crises such as separation or bereavement, sometimes in order to get a better understanding of difficulties in relationships; and some for help in reassessing their life situation. 

Individual therapy or group therapy is available, covering such areas as:

  • Anxiety and Stress at home and work
  • Divorce, separation or bereavement
  • Difficulties in social interaction
  • Problems within the family 
  • Major life changes - retirement/redundancy

All staff are professionally trained and are members of either IGA London, BACP, COSCA, BACP or BPS, or in possession of a Diploma or equivalent qualification and working towards their final accreditation. 

TRAINING: The Garnethill Centre also provides various training and educational events. The following courses have annual starting dates in the autumn.
A Certificate in Counselling Skills [Psychodynamic Approach - part time course].
Diploma in Psychodynamic Counselling [part time course].

The Garnethill Centre is an organisation offering a fully validated psychodynamic diploma in the West of Scotland. 

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Services for professional supervision and contract work are also available.

Telephone: 0141 333 0730 for further information 

The Garnethill Centre, 28 Rose Street,Glasgow,G3 6RE, Tel: 0141 333 0730 Fax: 0141 333 0737   Email: admin@garnethillcentre.org.uk